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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ section below, please feel free to contact the PsychOpen team directly: info(at)psychopen(dot)eu


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fold faqWhat is PsychOpen?

PsychOpen is the European Open-Access Publishing Platform for Psychology. It publishes multilingual open-access content in the field of psychology. PsychOpen aims to foster the visibility of psychological research in Europe and beyond, and to ensure free access to research for scholars and professionals in the field.

PsychOpen is open to publications from all areas of psychology and its related disciplines including scholarly as well as professional publications. Formats include research articles, clinical reports, monographs, etc. in English and other languages such as Portuguese and Bulgarian. All content is enriched with English metadata (title, keywords and abstracts) and free of charge for authors, editors and readers.

fold faqWhat services does PsychOpen offer?

Among others PsychOpen offers hosting services, support of editorial workflow, provision of Website usage statistics and tracking as well as special services for new journals. For detailed information please visit Services.

fold faqWhy should I publish with PsychOpen?

As an author you can rest assured that PsychOpen sets high standards of quality and performance for the published journals (peer review, permanent editorial board, multilingual metadata, keyword indexing) to ensure content quality on the platform. Thus, PsychOpen provides great publishing opportunities and offers all merits of open-access publishing such as an extended readership and higher citations.

For editors, PsychOpen provides fast, reliable, and customized online tools for all stages from submission to publication. It offers an excellent submission system based on the latest development of the journal management system OJS and uses an electronic process designed to facilitate rapid peer review.


fold faqWhich subject areas do the PsychOpen journals cover?

PsychOpen publishes journals from the field of psychology and its related disciplines.

fold faqWhich article types are accepted?

Different journals may accept different article types from research reports over theoretical contributions to literature reviews. Please refer to the respective journal for further details. A list of the PsychOpen journals can be found here: http://psychopen.eu/browse-publications/

fold faqWhere are the PsychOpen journals indexed?

PsychOpen journals are fully indexed by DOAJ, EBSCO, ProQuest, PubPsych and Google Scholar. Other indexing services are being added based on their respective fit, for example Latindex or SCOPUS.

fold faqDo PsychOpen journals have an impact factor?

To receive an impact factor, a journal has to be indexed by the Web of Science (which typically only indexes journals after they are three years old). As many of the PsychOpen journals are newly founded, obtaining an impact factor will take some time.

fold faqDo the PsychOpen journals charge author fees?

No, none of the journals published by PsychOpen charges any kind of author fees.

fold faqHow is PsychOpen funded?

PsychOpen is operated and funded by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information in Trier, Germany.

The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) is a research support organization. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive, sustainable, and professionally based documentation and communication of information in the field of psychology focusing on the German-speaking countries. It is a nonprofit organization co-funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and the German States and a member of the prestigious Leibniz Association.

fold faqWhich open-access license does PsychOpen use?

PsychOpen publishes all content under the prevailing CC-BY licence (currently 4.0). Anyone who re-uses the published content must state the author(s) and the original source, but otherwise they are free to re-use it as they see fit. This license meets all definitions of ‘true’ open access and complies with any institutional or funder OA mandates that may exist.

fold faqI haven't found the answer to my question in the FAQs above. Whom shall I contact?

For questions concerning PsychOpen in general, please contact info(at)psychopen(dot)eu.

For questions regarding a specific journal published by PsychOpen, please contact the respective editor. His or her contact information is given on each journal's homepage in the footer under "contact".


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