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Tuesday 06. February 2018

Psychological Thought is accepted for inclusion in Scopus

Another PsychOpen Journal will be indexed by Scopus database.   [more]

Wednesday 13. September 2017

JSPP is now indexed in PsycINFO database

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Social and Political Psychology (JSPP), published by PsychOpen, is now covered by the American Psychological Associations' database PsycINFO. References of JSPP may be found from...   [more]

Tuesday 25. July 2017

Praise for Europe's Journal of Psychology

Europe's Journal of Psychology (EJOP), published at PsychOpen, is one of the June winners of ScienceOpen's monthly free indexing competition.   [more]

Friday 12. May 2017

Note-taking is more effective for Recall Ability than Doodling

An article in the latest issue of Psychological Thought discusses the question whether doodling has a positive effect on people's ability to recall information.   [more]

Thursday 11. May 2017

Interpersona is now included into Scopus database

Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal Relationships, published by PsychOpen, is now indexed by Scopus database.   [more]

Monday 10. April 2017

PsychOpen uses Statcheck tool for quality check

Since the beginning of 2017, Statcheck is run on all research articles accepted for publication on PsychOpen, and authors are asked to correct all inconsistencies (if any) before their articles are published.   [more]

Friday 17. March 2017

Understanding Trump supporters: Thomas F. Pettigrew demonstrates how social psychology may help

In the latest issue of the Journal of Social and Political Psychology (JSPP) Thomas F. Pettigrew took up a current topic: the social psychology of Trump supporters.   [more]


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